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    More shows added to Theme Weavers selection

    We’re in the process of adding four stunning new shows to the Theme Weavers roster, including The Family Business. This unique production features the unforgettable hits of the legendary Cole family – Nat ‘King’ Cole, daughter Natalie, brother Freddy… produced …
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    Luke Escombe joins Theme Weavers to produce Smorgasbordello

    The brilliant music comic, Luke Escombe has joined Theme Weavers to present an amazing show we call Smorgasbordello. Luke links imaginative songwriting to side-splitting comedy and has drawn comparisons to Nick Cave, Tim Minchin and Flight of the Conchords. Voted …
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Our ‘ready to roll’ themes are a great way to take the load off your mind. Forget the usual event themes such as ‘Circus’; ‘Hollywood’; ‘James Bond’; etc and treat your clients, staff and the media to something very different, smacking of first class quality. Our amazing musicians will immerse you into the time and place of your selected theme, delivering a memorable experience your guests will talk about for years to come.

Event Management companies given a last minute directive to “come up with something uniquely special” also need look no further. We’ll help you delight and surprise your clients and they’ll be forever grateful.

We've created an initial series of themes, each of which will transport you and your guests to a certain place and time. Not run-of-the-mill dress-up parties, but truly immersive experiences that make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

We’ve stripped the patina and left only the essence… the heart… the story. It will be like you’re right there… whether at The Sands in Vegas, back in the ‘60s listening to Dino… or sipping a Dry Martini in Harlem back in the Roaring ‘20s… or soaking up the sounds of salsa in a pre-Castro Cuban nightclub.

Each era comes alive through the superb quality of the music you’ll hear and feel. As renowned music industry 'tastemaker' Bob Lefsetz says: "There's a power in music. It's part of our history. It's deep inside us. And there's an honesty in great live music that's lacking in so much of today's mainstream art/media. That stuff rolls off our backs because it isn't made for us. It's made for non-thinking robots with no soul. Great live music is what life's all about. It's what gets us through. It allows us to leave our bodies, leave our troubles and enter a sphere where we can't be touched."


The Big Easy

The Boat That Rocked

Colour My World

The Cotton Club

I Feel Good

Las Vegas Lounge

Mad Men

Mods & Rockers

Motown and More


STAX of Soul


The Family Business