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More shows added to Theme Weavers selection

We’re in the process of adding four stunning new shows to the Theme Weavers roster, including The Family Business. This unique production features the unforgettable hits of the legendary Cole family – Nat ‘King’ Cole, daughter Natalie, brother Freddy… produced …
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Luke Escombe joins Theme Weavers to produce Smorgasbordello

The brilliant music comic, Luke Escombe has joined Theme Weavers to present an amazing show we call Smorgasbordello. Luke links imaginative songwriting to side-splitting comedy and has drawn comparisons to Nick Cave, Tim Minchin and Flight of the Conchords. Voted …
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Environmental Policy

Philosophy in action

At Theme Weavers, we sincerely believe that running a sound commercial business can co-exist with connecting to the community and helping protect the environment.

Theme Weavers’s philosophy has always been that our business will be conducted in a manner that contributes to the wellbeing of the wider community and the environment; (after all, it’s our planet too). Our environmental policy does not merely adhere to the voluntary codes of our local region, but covers each step of our operations from our internal procedures, to our choice of suppliers and the business partners with whom we choose to work.

Sustainability in our business environment

Theme Weavers has made an executive commitment to use its professional skills to promote all aspects of environmental and social sustainability. We actively set an example that we hope creates greater awareness and understanding of sustainability issues.

Internally, Theme Weavers has put in place practices that take recycling ‘a step further’ so that conservation is always the key.  We use suppliers whom we feel have a genuine environmentally responsible approach to business. We prefer recycled paper, double-sided printers and photocopiers and other ‘minimal impact’ office equipment... and we seek to continually find ways to lower any negative impact we may have on our environment.

Theme Weavers actively seeks to take on corporate projects that are making a positive contribution to society and/or the environment and endeavours to uphold the principles of sustainability in all aspects of our business practice.

By offering diversity, empowerment and opportunities to advance within our workplace while making a worthwhile contribution to the environment and society, we strengthen the bond between Theme Weavers people, Theme Weavers suppliers, our business partners and the wider community.

We support the community

We constantly encourage our members and business partners to participate in Corporate Community Engagement programs and seek to enhance the world in which we live on local, national and global levels.

We work towards the future

Theme Weavers has long-term goals in place to reduce negative impact on the environment and to enhance our community involvement responsibilities.  We have adopted a focus on education to promote understanding of our environment. We seek to increase the ability of our members and business partners to move confidently into the future with the knowledge that their practices are creating long-term positive outcomes for their community, their staff and the world we hand on to future generations.

How to contact us

If you have any queries regarding this Environmental Policy, please contact Theme Weavers Pty Limited:

mail     Environmental Officer, Theme Weavers
Suite 1, 38 East Esplanade, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
phone (61 2) 9474 1066
fax:      (61 2) 9976 2129

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