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More shows added to Theme Weavers selection

We’re in the process of adding four stunning new shows to the Theme Weavers roster, including The Family Business. This unique production features the unforgettable hits of the legendary Cole family – Nat ‘King’ Cole, daughter Natalie, brother Freddy… produced …
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Luke Escombe joins Theme Weavers to produce Smorgasbordello

The brilliant music comic, Luke Escombe has joined Theme Weavers to present an amazing show we call Smorgasbordello. Luke links imaginative songwriting to side-splitting comedy and has drawn comparisons to Nick Cave, Tim Minchin and Flight of the Conchords. Voted …
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Theme Weavers - the life of your party

Music is one of life's main passions - the great 'connector'.... and inevitably, it's one of the most memorable elements of any event. That's why Music is the focal point of Theme Weavers.

We're not event managers or even booking agents. We're a creative team, visualising music-inspired themes, then helping you bring them to life. We theme the music for your special event… and we can also theme the menu and venue if required, stimulating all the senses and ensuring a powerfully positive response.

We've created a selection of carefully crafted, fun themes from which you can choose, matching each with the perfect 'live soundtrack'.

In essence, our aim is to ensure that once your guests walk in the door, they become immersed in the theme you've selected. We can tease all the senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

Perhaps you're entering The Cotton Club and immediately feel like you're in Harlem, New York, circa 1924. You're listening to the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat King Cole or Billie Holiday, played by musicians the equal of these legends.

Or you may have boarded The Boat That Rocked, that night being visited by The Kinks, The Turtles, Procul Harum or David Bowie. Maybe you're in a Las Vegas Lounge, being entertained by Frank Sinatra and 'the Rat Pack'… or soaking up the sounds of New Orleans Blues played by Fats Domino down in The Big Easy.

With no disrespect to the many hard working musos. out there, a Theme Weavers event features a markedly different calibre of musician to the usual run of bands hired out as corporate entertainment.